Amazing Coconut Pie

This pie is so lovely. It is sweet- but not too sweet, with the perfect flavors of custard and coconut. The cool thing is that the all-purpose baking mix (better known as Bisquick) in the dish helps the pie create its own crust.

Enjoy a scrumptious coconut pie that’s impossibly easy to make because there’s no crust to roll.

Let’s talk impossible pies and magic cakes. So many of you have commented or have written to me on magic cake, so I thank you for that. Some of you have said that this magic cake is similar to an old recipe called impossible pie. So you guys intrigued me and I simply had to look into it.

This time I wanted a coconut flavored cake/pie so there is a cup of flaked unsweetened coconut in this pie and a pinch of nutmeg. And because I love chocolate, I just had to sprinkle some grated chocolate over the top, chocolate and coconut just go so well together, and that’s just how I roll.

Making this pie is really one of those times that the effort pays off ten-fold when everyone takes their first bite.

They begin with, “Oh my gosh, this is the best coconut cream pie I’ve tasted.” And then they ask, “Did you make this? Can I have your recipe?”

I love it when that happens.

For this recipe I like to use sweetened dried coconut, either shredded or flaked. Sweetened dried coconut is made by combining dried coconut with powdered sugar. It is soft and chewy and quite sweet. It is normally sold packaged in plastic bags or small cans. Always check the expiry date as you want the coconut to be nice and fresh. If you can’t find sweetened dried coconut you can use unsweetened dried coconut (shredded or flaked). Unsweetened can be found in some grocery stores or else specialty stores or in health food stores.

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