Apple Cinnamon Chimichangas

My younger one has been blessed with a strong ,deep rooted sweet tooth genetically passed on to her from the father. To satisfy her sweet cravings becomes a Herculean task for me ..breakfast, lunchbox, post lunch and dinner, the TV time snacking every single meal needs to have a sugary sweet element in it.bWhen the cravings had crossed limits and I could foresee future health problems I put my foot down and had stopped making anything sweet at home except some occasional knick knacks which I could successfully hide from her in the secret niches and corners only known to me. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that I had to be creative regarding hiding places for the sugary sweet nothings.

The end of summer is near. Some people are sad about it, while others are looking forward to it. Colder days and rain can spoil your mood. However, every season has its charms. Fall is a time of the year when we enjoy beautiful dishes … Delicious Caramel Apple Chimichangas dessert is one of them.

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