Baked Donuts Recipe


Is there some thing higher than a heat glass donut ?

These baked vanilla glazed cupcakes are terrific smooth to make. All you want are blending bowls, an egg beater, and a donut tray. If you do not very own one, you want to get one ASAP. You will have a clean donut baked in much less than 20 mins and is more healthy than fried ones. In addition to being very pretty, they may sincerely carry a grin for your face !

I like to apply a pastry bag to pour the combination into the donut tray however you may additionally use a spoon or a ziplock bag. Cut a hollow in one of the corners and wash the combination into the pan. Be cautious now no longer to overfill the cavities of the pan, or the holes withinside the middle will near up.

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