DIY Miracle Fabric Cleaner!


Okay have any of you out there tried this homemade Miracle Fabric Cleaner?!  It really is what it says!  I don’t where I have been all of my life, but this stuff is wonderful!! 🙂


I have tried it on stains and they came right out.  I have even tried it on old stains that have already been laundered and dried and the stains still came out!  My husband has a white dress shirt that had some kind of black grease or tar on the sleeve (where do you get these kind of stains in a white dress shirt??) anyway, this shirt got washed before I knew that it was there and so I decided to try this miracle stuff on it and guess what…it came out.  I did have to apply the cleaner twice to get it completely out, but it all came out!  I am totally sold on this!  It is so easy and inexpensive to make and it really does work wonders.

Miracle Fabric Cleaner

The recipe for homemade Miracle Fabric Cleaner

1 part blue Dawn dishwashing liquid

2 parts hydrogen peroxide

Mix and pour or spray directly on stain, launder  as usual and watch it miraculously disappear.

I am always getting grease spots right down the front of me and before discovering this Miracle Spray, I would have had to use the shirt for a paint or cleaning shirt or ban it to the rags drawer!  Now my shirts look like new again!  It works great on set in grease, yellow arm pit stains, chocolate, blood and tire grease!

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