Easy Fudge

My all-time favorite Easy FUDGE! It’s super easy to make, no thermometer required and has a great old-fashioned, amazing fudge flavor and texture! These days you can hardly visit a tourist town without running across three or four shops advertising their “homemade fudge.” Even nontourist towns seem to have one or two shops like that

It tastes the same as any tub of fudge you can get at any grocery store—and my choice adjective for the taste of store-bought fudge is “meh.” If you’ve never had real homemade fudge, you are missing out on one of the most succulent, rich candies/desserts you’ve ever enjoyed.

This easy fudge recipe is a great place to get started into that world of homemade fudge wonders.

If you’re checking out other fudge recipes online you’re likely to come across quicker, maybe even simpler recipes for fudge. Don’t fall into the trap!

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