How to Clean a REALLY Dirty Stove Top


For years, I’ve struggled with safely cleaning my stove top. When I use a hot water bath canner, I nearly always end up with a dark brown or black ring around the burner. The water and dish soap recommended by my stove manufacturer doesn’t even begin to touch this kind of dirty, and other things I’ve tried, like Bar Keeper’s Friend, scratch the surface of the stove, causing permanent damage.

You may not have this trouble with canning, but if you accidentally let a pot boil over, or you cook something greasy, or if you cook on a stove that’s already dirty, you may have just as much trouble getting the stove top clean as I do.

Happily, at last I’ve found an easy, safe way to clean even the dirtiest of stove top!

What You Need:

Paper towels
Plastic wrap (or plastic shopping bags)
Dish soap

How to Do It:

1. Begin by cleaning the stove as best you can with a little dish soap placed on a wet sponge. Don’t bother to scrub a lot. Just a good wipe down does the trick.

2. Place paper towels over the still-soiled areas. Fold the paper towels, if necessary, so they don’t go over the sides of the stove. (Because that would lead to cleaner dripping off the stove and onto other surfaces.)

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