Laundry Room Makeover


If you have a Sharpie, a wall, and a love for shiplap- check out this tutorial!

This project is great for a wall that doesn’t get close attention or that people stand a few feet away from.

My laundry room/space (a closet in our bathroom) needed a makeover. My first idea was to try out some stick-on subway tiles on the whole back wall, but this $0 option was obviously the winner. After all, I’m the only one spending any time here!

0 shiplap and a laundry room makeover

After Photo


Before PhotoHere is our laundry area “before” photo! Yikes… Good thing there are closet doors to cover this up! For this space makeover, I planned to:

  • Put in shelves between the cupboards
  • Spackle and paint
  • Put handles on the cupboards
  • Make some sort of cover for the laundry sink
  • Add subway tiles or shiplap to the back wall

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