MEXICAN Arroz Con Leche

ask and you shall receive! We are now serving ARROZ CON LECHE is a must on weekends 🤪 come on in and enjoy some outdoor dinning with us 🔥
Rice pudding (arroz con leche) made the traditional Mexican way, with both whole and evaporated milk and an aromatic touch of cinnamon.

Arroz con leche, aka rice pudding, was a dessert my mom grew up on. My great-grandma made it, and I wanted to find a recipe that tasted just like it. Fortunately, I did just that and now have introduced this delicious dessert to my own children. But, what is it exactly?

If you’re not familiar with rice pudding, arroz con leche is a Spanish dish made from rice mixed with water or milk and other ingredients like cinnamon and raisins. The dish also has some sort of sweetener, whether it’s sugar or sweetened condensed milk.

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