Peach Cobbler Pound Cake


Peach Cobbler Pound Cake is the perfect combination of a sweet summer peach cobbler and a rich buttery brownie.

There’s nothing quite like ripe, juicy peaches in summer.

Except maybe a cobbler made of them.

Or even better, a peach cobbler cake a pound!

Seriously, this cake is just so amazing. With texture that melts in your mouth and fresh, sweet peach slices in every bite, it’s great!

Close-up of a cross section of peach cobbler pound bun on a white plate

What’s in a peach cobbler pound cake ?

Fresh peaches


Granulated sugar

Brown sugar




All-purpose flour (Cup4Cup gluten-free flour works well too!)

Yes, you can. It is a good option if time pressures you. Other than that, I suggest using them if you want to do this when peaches are not in season. Make sure the frozen peaches are thawed and drained from canned peaches before adding them to the recipe.

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