Sopa de Fideo with Chicken

Homemade sopa de fideo (noodle soup) is one of my favorite dishes. This is Mexican lunchtime comfort food in the way that grilled cheese and tomato soup is in the U.S. Think warm fuzzies in a bowl. Every kid in Mexico grows up on it and everyone, young and old, still eats it regularly as part of the typical comida.

Make it from scratch. It’s worth the small bit of extra effort for the authentic flavor. Many cooks take shortcuts – I’ll admit it. I do too at times – by using tomato and chicken bouillon or canned tomatoes instead of real chicken broth and pureed tomatoes.

Sopa de Fideos con Pollo, a Mexican version of chicken noodle soup, is a classic family favorite. Served warm and packed with bright springtime flavors, this is the perfect meal for the transition to warmer weather.

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