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Sometimes improbable but also unstoppable tips

Nothing like grandma’s tips for cleaning your interior! If you need to clean your fabric chair, quickly discover these grandmother’s tips!

++Grandmother’s tips for cleaning her fabric chair

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We all have a fabric chair or sofa in our home. Very pretty, it has a tendency to deteriorate over time and becomes covered with small spots that no longer go away. Not to mention the bad smells that can take over over time …

How to clean it properly without taking the cover to the nearest dry cleaning service? Don’t panic, here are some great grandma’s tips that you might find helpful. And I promise, you will be able to use products that you probably already have at home to clean your favorite chair!

++ Clean a fabric chair with black soap

Black soap is a bit of a miracle soap that gets rid of stains more easily than any other. This natural product is a multi-use product, which is always good to have at home. It is often made from vegetable oils, such as olive or linseed oil.

Buy some black soap that you dilute in water, gently rub the stain with a brush, and it should go away without a problem. No need for chemical stain remover! However, be sure to check that your fabric supports this type of cleaner. To do this, use it on a small area before tackling the stain.

++ With soda crystals

This is a solution that we do not necessarily think of. Equipped with rubber household gloves, dilute a cup of soda crystals in hot water. Dip a clean sponge in the mixture, wring it out well then run it over your fabric chair, paying particular attention to the stains. Cleaning with soda crystals is ideal on light-colored fabrics. If you plan to use it on brighter or darker colors, be sure to test the mixture on a small corner of fabric beforehand because the color may bleed. It is essential to rinse your fabric furniture once you have cleaned it. To do this, simply arm yourself with a washcloth or a sponge soaked in clear water.

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