BigBoy Strawberry Pie


Classic fresh strawberry pie… if you’ve never had it, you absolutely MUST try it!  This copycat version tastes JUST like the Frisch’s Big Boy or Shoneys treat, and is made super easy.
Just 6 common ingredients and an easy pre-made frozen pie crust… you can totally do this!
This pie… oh THIS pie.  You guys, I’m so excited to share this pie with you all today!!  Here in Cincinnati, Spring means two things… Reds baseball, and Frisch’s Big Boy will be serving strawberry pie soon.
I literally wait all year for this pie to be available at Frisch’s… it’s a perfect use for the sweet seasonal berries!
I have to tell you guys an ironic story about the making of that pie you see there.
The whole vision behind sharing this recipe is that it’s a super EASY recipe… anyone can make this!  The first couple times I tried to make it, every frozen pie shell was cracked!

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