Black Forest Trifle


Black Forest Trifle gives you all the flavours of a black forest cake in one quick and easy-to-make dessert. It’s just 5 simple ingredients and it feeds a crowd. Rich and chocolatey but light and fluffy, this simple but stunning dessert is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone. 


I made this dessert for Christmas and it was a HUGE success.  My son-in-law called me the next day to tell me it was the best dessert he has eaten in his whole life.  That’s a reliable review!  It takes a little extra time to make the separate components but they are each easy and delicious, even on their own.  Together they are a jewel of a dessert – beautiful, elegant and full of cherry-chocolaty delight.  I am making it again for our Valentine’s Day dinner tonight.

Dear Katie Lee

I made this fantastic dessert for this New Years eve and it was fantastic. I made a few changes though as I am not a fan of cherries in chocolate cake. I used raspberries as well as making a raspberry sauce using Ina Garten’s recipe to bring it up a notch. For me the raspberries and sauce added something to this already great recipe.

With regard to the whipped cream I had to throw out my first batch as it wasn’t right. With my second attempt I cut the sugar to 1/4 cup from 1/2 and paced all the tools used to make the whipped cream in the freezer for 15 minutes prior to use. All were nice and cold when I restarted with the whipped cream coming out perfect.

In addition to the above I made the cake one night, the pudding the next night and then New Years eve afternoon I made the whipped cream and put it all together in the dish. Everyone loved the dessert and I received calls today (New Years Day) telling me how good it was.

Thank you for sharing this recipe.

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