Cheeseburger Pie: It’s Quite A Delicious Concoction

I grew up in a house with six brothers and sisters.

That’s right, there were seven kids running around total. It was a busy place. It sounds crazy now, but back in my day, it really wasn’t uncommon for people to have large families like that. In fact, my husband grew up in a family with nine kids. It was good that we both had that same background I think. It gave us a lot of the same qualities.

One thing that my mom was amazing at back in the day was coming up with large meals that could feed the whole crew, without breaking the bank. Dad worked full-time, but Mom had to stay home and take care of us kids and the house.

It was the only way it was going to work. One of my favorite meals that she made was cheeseburger casserole, like this one. I loved cheeseburgers, but it was not going to happen with nine people to feed.

Nine cheeseburgers would have been way too expensive to make, and chances are we weren’t going to be filled up afterward. That’s was never the case when this was on the table. We all walked away happy.

As one of the most versatile dishes on the planet, I make this in my own versions now for me and my family. I will change up the meats, cheeses, and vegetables to make it taste a little bit different each and every time. My kids get bored easily. As long as I do a few minor tweaks here and there, there are never any complaints when I make this.

This dish is so simple and amazing, you really would have to try hard to mess it up!

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