Chocolate Pecan Turtle Clusters


This homemade Chocolate Turtles recipe has clusters of homemade microwave caramel and toasted pecans dipped in chocolate. They are soft, chewy, and so EASY to make.

The saltiness of the crunchy pecans mixed with the sweetness of the delicious chocolates is a match made in heaven. This is one of the best chocolates I’ve had in awhile, and they make a great chocolate gift too.

These easy Chocolate Pecan Turtle Clusters are a classic holiday treat. Made with toasted pecans, homemade caramel sauce and chocolate, everyone adores this turtle candy.

These chocolate pecan turtle clusters (aka turtle candy) are one of my favorite holiday treats. I make them every year, along with my Christmas crack, rum balls, and peanut butter balls. They’re easy to make, even if you’ve never made homemade caramel from scratch, and loved by all.

Chocolate Turtle Pecan Clusters are a hit any time of the year, especially during the Holiday season and Valentine’s Day. No one will ever know how easy they are to make with only 5 ingredients. Creamy caramel, smooth rich chocolate, and toasty pecans combine for a mouth-watering decadent treat, also known as Chocolate Bear Claw Candy.

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