Crockpot Cowboy Soup


You can make this cowboy soup with what’s in your pantry. This makes a delicious Tex Mex soup that will fill you up.

Why not get your family together for this delicious homemade Tex-Mex soup? You can make this soup with what’s in your pantry.

This recipe makes a delicious Tex-Mex soup that will fill you up. It’s a wonderful soup for a cold winter day and it’s also perfect for your next game day event.

Cowboys played an important role in the colonization of the western United States. They worked in the cattle ranches, repaired fences and took care of the horses. Originally, many cattle drives began in Texas and ended up on the railroad in Kansas.

Cattle driving meant hard, hungry work. Cowboys would get up early in the morning and “lead” the herd to the stopping point the next night. A herd of about 3,000 cattle usually meant about a dozen cowboys. In addition, there was a route manager, a camp cook and a cowboy whose job was to keep track of the extra horses.

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