My mother used to make this for Easter dinner. The rice stuffing is a perfect partner for the hens. Packaged wild rice mix can be used as well.

Cornish hens are one of my favorite main dishes for fall and winter entertaining. Stuffed with a wild rice, cranberry, and apple stuffing and roasted with an apple cider glaze, these elegant hens are a gorgeous alternative to turkey. Don’t miss the sommelier wine pairings to complete the meal!

Sometimes, you’ll see Cornish hens marketed as “poussin,” or “spring chickens,” though there are some differences between them. Poussins can be any breed of immature, small chicken, not just the specific breeds above that define Cornish hens.

Poussin chickens are traditionally a bit leaner than Cornish hens, and tend toward the smaller end of the weight chart. Whenever I find poussins at poultry farms, they are right around one- to one and a quarter pounds.

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