Fried Cornbread – Southern Cornmeal Hoecakes

Johnny Cakes or Hoe Cakes are a true Southern delicacy! This Johnny Cake recipe (also known as a fried cornbread) is so easy and perfect for breakfast or anytime of day.

A classic southern recipe, cornmeal hoecakes are little pan fried cornmeal medallions that are at home as breakfast, as much as they are as a side dish with a mess o’ greens, and just about anything else!
I have read that hoecakes likely started with Native Americans who apparently cooked these on hot rocks inside an open fire. The method was later adapted by cooking the bread on the blade of a hoe, and that is how it got its name, though some folks dispute that.
Johnny Cakes (or hoe cakes as they are called in A Real Southern Cook) are close kin to pancakes but from the south. You will often hear the term used in Southern kitchens all over Mississippi and Alabama. I like to think of this as just a fried cornbread recipe in pancake form.

These are light and crispy because they are fried in oil. With just a few ingredients, I could make these and see if the standard hoe cake was any match for good ole pancakes.

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