Fried Potatoes And Onions

Southern fried potatoes, also known as Southern style hash brown potatoes, or, simply soft fried potatoes, are cubed peeled russets, that are first steamed and then pan fried like hash browns, tender inside, but with crispy outer edges.
Southern Fried Potatoes
I can hardly believe this is my first post for November and yet, here we are, nearly a week in already, and whoa, is Thanksgiving really knocking on the door already?

It’s been a, well… let’s just say… challenging week around the ole household.The Cajun and I both managed to pick up a bug – me first, right on Halloween afternoon – and one that pretty much knocked us out of commission for days, something that never happens to my husband. It appears that we’re on the mend… finally, and these soft fried potatoes, a favorite around here, really hit the spot when you’ve been on an involuntary fast.

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