Funnel Cake Bites Recipe


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Summer is in full swing and so are the County Fairs and Carnivals. I know we all have that beloved favorite treat that we just have to get while visiting the fair! Well, my family’s favorite “go to” fair food is the Funnel Cake and these Funnel Cake Bites taste just as good if not better than what you find at your local fair. These are made in the comfort of your own kitchen and can be enjoyed all year round!

“Learn how to make easy funnel cake bites at home! Crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Even better than funnel cakes! Three awesome dippings sauces!”
Who says you have to wait for the fair to get your funnel cake fix? Now you can make these bite sized Funnel Cakes so you can enjoy them any time you want! I love that they are the perfect size for snacking. Not too big so you don’t have to worry about undoing your good eating habits! But just enough to to curb your sweet tooth! Check out my favorite Funnel Cake Bites recipe!

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