Granny Cake recipe

We love all of the cakes our grandmother made for us, but if we had to (haaaad to) choose favorites, this one, lovingly referred to simply as “Granny Cake,” would be our top choice. It always turns out perfectly (it’s never, ever dry) and has tons of great flavor and texture that keeps it interesting and keeps everyone else coming back for more. This cake sort of has a coffee-cake-look about it, but it’s so much more than that, trust us….

So to start, you’re going to make a classic white cake that you’ll stir a can of crushed pineapple into. The pineapple, along with the juices, adds a subtle sweetness, without being overwhelming; this isn’t a pineapple cake, this is a granny cake. Once your cake mix is ready, you pour it into your baking dish and then top it with a layer of pecans and brown sugar. It might seem like a lot of sugar, and, okay, you can cut it down a bit if you must, but the sugar coats the nuts and then it all caramelizes in the oven and you’re left with a perfectly candied pecan layer of cake that gives you just the crunch you need, and balances out the pineapple-laden white cake.

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