Grape salad

A Grape Salad may sound a little strange, but it is positively addictive! So creamy and sweet and perfect for summer! This simple Grape Salad Recipe is full of fresh red grapes, tossed in a sweet cream cheese dressing and sprinkled with brown sugar and pecans. It can be served as a side dish or dessert, and is perfect for spring and summer holidays and parties! If you’re looking for something a little different for your Easter menu, this would be a wonderful addition. If you’re tired of bringing the same old pasta salad or potato salad to every potluck you go to, change it up with this Easy Grape Salad. People will quickly become converts. There is nothing not to love about this easy dessert salad that’s so sweet and satisfying. This is a wonderful dessert salad that never failed to be a hit. Made the day before the brown sugar makes the sauce taste like caramel. You can use less brown sugar, if you wish. A recipe for easy Grape Salad. It’s sweet and creamy with loads of fresh grapes and crunchy nuts on top. Ready in just 5 minutes plus chilling time! Things I adore about the Midwest include the fact that we consider Grape Salad to be exactly that: A salad. REFRESHING GRAPE SALAD PACKED WITH GRAPES IN A SILKY SWEET CREAM CHEESE DRESSING.  YOU CAN MAKE THIS SALAD AHEAD OF TIME FOR THE PERFECT STRESS-FREE POTLUCK OR DINNER SIDE THAT EVERYONE WILL LOVE!

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