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“This recipe uses chocolate syrup. It is a very moist and delicious brownie. It is also one of my favorite brownie recipes. Store in airtight container.”

This goes way above and beyond 5 stars. I have made this recipe twice; once with Hershey brand syrup and the other time with a generic chocolate, trust me you don’t want to use a generic chocolate syrup in this recipe or you will be let down. If you want the full Chocolate affect of this flavor, must use Hershey Syrup..enjoy your brownies people!!!

These were very cry and thin. IF I make these again I will grease he pan and use a smaller pan like 13×9 and cut back on the amount of frosting.

These are really, really good. I have to admit that I made a mistake. I added the evaported milk to the brownie batter and it was still delicious! They are super easy and taste almost like fudge the next day. My whole family loved them; thanks for the great recipe.

I have an almost identical version of this recipe in an old book and decided to try it when I was craving brownies but didn’t have chocolate chips or baking chocolate on hand for melting. Since one reviewer said it lacked a strong chocolate flavor and I also thought there would be wayyyy too much sugar in this recipe (a cup of sugar PLUS all the HFCS in the syrup?!) I made the following adjustments: I used 1 1/2 cups of syrup (as opposed to 2 cups which would be 16oz) and I added 1/2 cocoa powder. The result tasted like brownies from a boxed mix, which honestly I am not particularly fond of but it wasn’t too bad for a last-minute brownie emergency. I would say avoid the frosting on these if you want to actually taste your brownies. Anything made from melted chocolate like the frosting will have a stronger chocolate taste than the brownie itself and then you end up using the brownie as a tasteless spoon for the chocolate. I much preferred to eat the brownie without the frosting.

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