I haven’t come across a single person in my life who doesn’t enjoy a big slice of yummy pie. Whether it’s peach pie, chocolate pie or meringue pie, we all have that favorite we could keep on eating until it was all gone! My number one favorite has always been a traditional, Southern buttermilk pie. Yummy! It just doesn’t get any better than this simple, lip-smacking delicious pie that has wow’d the crowds for decades.I can’t remember the first time I had this pie but I think it must have been at my grandmother’s house. Her mother was originally from the South, so my childhood was filled with all these Southern casseroles and pies to die for! Let me tell you, they sure know how to cook and bake in the South!

I hope my future grandkids will be as excited about this pie as I am. This is one tasty dessert I intend to make often, for as long as I can still hold a whisk in my hand! A slice of this pie doesn’t really need any toppings, but occasionally I add a dollop of whipped cream if I happen to have some. Believe me, it’s going to sweep you off your feet!

Quick Tip: Serve warm with a cup of strong coffee.

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