How to Cleaning Pee Off Furniture & Carpets


Grandma’s advice on how to easily and inexpensively remove very soiled carpet
Real dust (and dust mites!) Nests and carpets require regular maintenance to keep them looking like new…or nearly.

If carpet maintenance for you is more of a chore than anything else, come check out the grandmother’s tips we discovered for cleaning your carpets completely, easily and effectively with everyday products.

Use a mixture of sparkling water and baking soda to lighten the colors

With time and folly, your carpet lost its original beautiful color and got some stains covered here and there? To get them back, you don’t have to buy expensive products and miracle spot removers from the supermarket: again, you probably have everything you need in your kitchen! Yes: To separate and revive the sheen of the rug, you can use everyday products, like sparkling water and baking soda.

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