How To Spring Clean Your Pillows


I dare you to go and look at your pillows. Depending on your level of gross-ness you either need to

1: Give them a clean using this method.  OR

2: Toss them in the bin and rush to the store for new ones.

My pillows are in pristine condition (scoff) they don’t need cleaning at all but if they did then this is worth a try.

Whilst some pillows today are affordable to simply toss out when they start fluffing themselves at night.  But some of us (not me) spend $40+ on a pillow and getting it cleaned might be more practical.

I also live the concept of using the sunshine to clean my pillows, On occasion when making the beds I put the un-washable items in the sun for some sun soak time. I think this is a good way to clean and freshen your pillows and doona quilts too.

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