Strawberry Dumplings


The Austrians are world champions in making warm desserts, and these strawberry Töpfen (Erdbeerknödel) dumplings are proof of that. Strawberries are encased in a delicious chewy dough, boiled, then rolled in a crunchy layer and covered with butter.

Dumplings, whether sweet or savory, are a staple of Austrian-Bohemian cuisine. Strawberry dumplings are a particularly luxurious collection. The fruity scent that gives off when one is cut open is an intoxicating scent!

Topfen (farmer’s cheese, curd, or quark) is the main ingredient in the dough for these dumplings. It gives the dough elasticity and a delicate cheesecake-like flavor.

We use the same dough to make strawberry pies as apricot pies. I’ve tried a lot of recipes and these are the easiest to work with and the dumplings are light and delicious.

You don’t need to wait for strawberry season to make strawberry muffins. Using frozen strawberries is actually my favorite way to make them and I make them all year round. You just wrap the dough around the frozen strawberries. Easy.

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