Tennessee Peach Pudding


Have you ever had Tennessee peach pudding? We remember the first time we tried it and thought, what kind of magical goodness did we just taste?…it should come as no surprise that we asked for the recipe then and there. This is a two-part dessert that might seem a little counterintuitive to make, but that hits it out of the ballpark every time.

The filling is all about the peaches – fresh or frozen – that we lightly dress up with flour, sugar, milk, cinnamon and vanilla to great a thick and creamy filling that tastes absolutely amazing. The counterintuitive part comes in with the topping.

Instead of a crumble or crisp topping, or even a cakey topping, this is a fully liquid topping that you just have to trust is going to turn out like a dream. Sugar, butter and water make up the heart of the “crust” topping that forms on this dessert, but be prepared: it’s fully liquid and gets poured on top of your peach filling. You’ll pour it on and wonder how in the world it’s going to solidify into something crisp and delicious, but have faith! This is going to be great, just give it time.

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