Which Banana Would You Eat? Your Answer May Have An Effect On Your Health


I think people who don’t like bananas are very rare. Almost there isn’t a person who doesn’t eat banana as part of the breakfast or as a snack, but the real banana lovers go further considering even the ripeness of the banana. There are some people who love green bananas, while others love their bananas to be overripe and almost brown.
The bananas with their potassium, along with the other vitamins and nutrients are very healthy choice all around. Writer Adda Bjarnadottir, MS for Authority Nutrition, says that they are good for the digestion, for the health of the heart and also can help us to lose some weight. What is really interesting is that the different colors of the banana mean different health benefits. Continue reading and find out what color of the banana would be the most beneficial to your health.
Green Bananas contain resistant starch. According to Jill Corleone, a registered dietitian, this type of starch is more like fiber in our bodies and that can help us to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases, by lowering the levels of blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels. Also, because the bananas in this color are high in fiber, they can help the appetite stay in check and promote weight loss. Furthermore, they are low in glycemic index so that makes them perfect snack for the ones who need to control the blood sugar levels.

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