Caramel apple cinnamon roll Lasagna

This recipe introduces a delicious combination of cinnamon rolls and caramel apple pie. Caramel apple cinnamon roll lasagna is an American dessert that you can have either after lunch or dinner. You can even have it for breakfast or as a snack with your favourite drink.

Normally, lasagnas are salty and made with tomato sauce and minced meat. In this recipe, we introduce a sweet kind of lasagnas. We call it ‘lasagna’ because it is made in layers. This American dessert is made of 3 layers of cinnamon rolls and 2 layers of caramel apple filling. We top it with the icing that is given with the cinnamon rolls dough. This caramel apple cinnamon roll lasagna is soft, moist and saucy. In addition to this, no one can deny that the combination between cinnamon and apple is so scrumptious. When we top this with caramel sauce, it becomes irresistible. I am sure that you will not get enough of it and you will keep having other pieces of this dessert. I am very doubtful of the fact that you will have any leftovers.

This American treat is very simple to prepare. It takes minimum effort and you will have it served in one hour. Moreover, you can make it with 7 ingredients only that are cost-friendly. Additionally, it is very rich in nutrition, each serving provides you with more than 418 calories. For more details about this, check the table by the end of this article. Pamper yourself and people that you care about with this dessert.

This is a unique way of making cinnamon rolls and pies. Surprise your guests with this wonderful treat.

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