Oven-Baked Hot Dogs


While he and his neighborhood crew would settle for a boiled dog, I miss the sizzle of a skillet-seared, air-fried, or grilled hot dog. Now, when I’m feeding a crowd of hungry kids (and kids at heart!), I skip the simmer and click on the oven instead.

Here’s how to make oven-baked hot dogs that the whole family will love.

Take us out to the ballgame! Or, you know, grab us a ballgame-worthy frank! Isn’t that the best part of going to a game anyway? Loaded Oven-Baked Hot Dogs certainly think so! Each hot dog is savory, juicy, and topped with melty cheddar cheese and lots of meaty chili. Better yet, the mustard and mayo are already on the buns, so no need to fumble with condiments! You can get right to eating Loaded Oven-Baked Hot Dogs, which makes them a real home run!

If you’re looking for an effortless way to cook delicious hot dogs, look no further than your trusty oven. While grilling hot dogs is a popular option during the summer months, baking them in the oven can be just as tasty and convenient. Whether you’re hosting a cookout, craving a quick snack, or simply want to switch up your hot dog cooking method, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover our foolproof steps on how to cook hot dogs in the oven like a pro.

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