Carne Guisada with floor tortillas


This carne guisada is the same recipe my mother and grandmother used. Very simple and DELICIOUS!!!

Carne Guisada has been a in my life for as long as I can remember. My mami made it when friends came over it. She made it on Sunday while she did laundry. It would slowly cook on the stove-top as she sorted- folded clothes at the kitchen table. I’m excited to partner with Beef Loving Texans to celebrate the role beef plays in raising up the next generation of Texans.

Thick cuts of meat stewed until tender in a rich gravy served with rice and beans and plenty of flour tortillas has always been part of my life, but little did I know how important this dish was to my fellow Texans until my mami volunteered to cook carne guisada plates for our band fundraiser.

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