Cream Pie Cream Puffs


Cream pie Cream puffs So delicious Cheddar cheddar. Have you ever made cheese puffs ? It’s time to make them 🙂 My whole family loved them and already asked me to do them again . So facile to do & easy instructions !

Because they leave no one indifferent … Discover the best recipe for making cream puffs without difficulty!
Cream puffs, themselves are super easy to make. I remember making them for the first time as a tweener, and was shocked how easy they were to prepare.

I think if there is one lesson to be learned from making cream puffs, it’s to make sure you don’t under-bake them, or they will deflate after a few minutes of being pulled out of the oven.

Bummer! You know I like to under-bake, but these puffs are not one of those desserts to do that with because you’ll end up getting an eggy-texture-type cream puff. Bah!!

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