Greener Cleaners – Three Product Swap Experiences


Iiis your oven glass dirty Try this simple and affordable tip for cleaning your oven window without spray chemicals 😍




If you came to my house and awkwardly asked to look under my kitchen sink, you’d see chemicals. Stainless steel aerosol, almond-scented wood floor oil, and Clorox wipes (which I’ll never give up…I think?), but you’d also spy a few natural cleaners.  I have embraced a few granola-type cleaners over the years and they are working really well for us. However, I’ve learned not to feel guilty if I don’t go completely green. I’ve found a balance!

Today, I’m going to share with you 3 products I’ve switched out for a more natural alternative.

1. Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner

It says “fume free.” They masked the smell so my body wouldn’t set off the alert that I’m using something that needs some serious ventilation. Good thing I read the directions! Years later, I saw a video that demonstrated how easy it is to use another simple household item and I took the plunge. Who knows where I’d be if they’d made it smell like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?

Natural Replacement – Baking Soda
In 1986 the Statue of Liberty was celebrating her 100th year and they used baking soda to clean the iconic statue. As abrasive as our fingernails, baking soda is a safe, simple and affordable alternative. It restored Lady Liberty and it can do the same for your oven.

Mix with water to make a paste, smear onto the surface and leave for 30 min – 3 hours depending on how caked on the grime is, and wipe off with paper towels or a wet hand towel.

Clean Oven Glass

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