How to Clean Pee Off Furniture and Carpets


Whether you’re dealing with pet urine or kid urine, this simple hack (and unexpected ingredient) will teach you how to clean pee off furniture and carpets! This post contains affiliate links!

“Mommy, I went potty!” Cooper sing-songs as I walk in the back door.

“That’s great!”

“On the couch!”

“That’s…um…yeah. No.”

This is a typical conversation a few months after potty-training our now-3-year-old. She does a great job most of the time. And then randomly pees on the couch, chairs, or floor.


But a few years back I learned a genius (and weird) hack for how to clean pee off furniture and carpets. And it didn’t require buying any special cleaning products—just one normal household ingredient that costs about a dollar.

Before Rob and I were married, I lived with a family who had an older dog. Every so often I would pass by one of the carpeted rooms and see a small pile of white SOMETHING on the carpet. I had no idea what the heck it was and didn’t want to ask.


But when they went out of town and left me in charge of the dog, I learned what these piles were: SALT. Like the kind you keep in the kitchen that’s less than a dollar at the store or on Amazon.

Every time the dog would pee in the house, they poured a heaping amount of salt onto the spot while it was still wet. Yep, table salt. Kind of like this:


The salt will literally draw the liquid from the area, leaving a cake-like pile of salt you can vacuum up. Urine problem solved!

Want to try? It’s super simple.


  1. Pour a heaping amount of salt over the affected area.
  2. Wait at least an hour or two for it to fully dry. (I often wait more, but depends on how highly trafficked the area is.)
  3. Vacuum up the salt. (If still wet underneath, repeat steps 1 & 2.)
  4. Clean area with your normal cleaning spray or solution. (See my list of favorite cleaners HERE!)

That’s it!

Want to know the one secret ingredient to clean pee off furniture?

You can try to soak up some of the urine with a rag or something before, but I’m always afraid (especially with couch cushions or rugs) that I’ll be pushing it IN. So I simply leave the salt on for a few hours, then vacuum. If there is still a wet spot,  I reapply and do it all again. Be sure you pour a LOT of salt on the area.

This is also a really cool teaching moment for kids about osmosis. (See this experiment with potatoes for a fun activity!) Oh, and if you’re using vegetables that have a high water concentration, you can use salt to pull out moisture too. It works well with eggplant and cucumber. (See my Easy Eggplant Parmesan recipe on Penney Lane for how I use this method!)


Have you ever tried this? I mean, hopefully you don’t have to. But I’m guessing you aren’t reading this post unless you’ve heard your kid say, “Mom, I just peed…on the couch!”

Let me know in the comments if you try this or have another hack for how to clean pee off furniture or rugs!

Learn how to clean pee off furniture or carpets with one surprising household ingredient!


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