How to Clean Your Cookie Sheets

How Do You Clean a Cookie Sheet?

Thanks to their smooth, flat surfaces and raised edges, cookie sheets are versatile enough to bake chewy chocolate chip cookies as well as roasted vegetables. With such heavy usage, however, it’s inevitable that your sheet pans may develop unsightly stains and residue build-up. To keep your health inspector happy and your food tasting its best, follow the methods below to combat grease, food particle residue, and even rust on your aluminized steel, aluminum, and non-stick cookie sheets.

What Method is Best for Cleaning Your Cookie Sheet?

Before you clean your baking sheets, you’ll need to know which method will work best for your type of pan. Refer to the table below to decide which method is safe to use on your kitchen’s cookie sheets.

Method: Aluminized Steel Aluminum Non-Stick
Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide Yes No No
Baking soda and vinegar Yes Yes No
Ammonia Yes No No
Aluminum Foil Yes No No
Washing Soda and Cream of Tartar Yes Yes Yes
Water and Baking Soda

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