How To Create A Gorgeous Looking Totally Organized Upright Freezer

Quite a few years ago I invested in an upright freezer. I much prefer it to a chest freezer because it takes up less room in the mudroom where it is located. I love just having to open the door as if I were opening a closet door to add, return or remove whatever frozen food I am looking for.
But there are some issues with an upright freezer just as there are with a chest freezer. The upright freezer has five shelves inside. I tried to designate each shelf for a different category of food. But have you noticed that frozen food is not packaged the same so it can’t be neatly stacked on the shelf in an organized system? Are you like me and have lost track of what is exactly in the freezer and how long it has been there? Have you also noticed that frozen food is actually quite unattractive and unappealing? Looking inside a freezer is a very drab experience. I changed all that with some inexpensive ideas!

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I bought 15 plastic bins that are actually shoe bins. Three bins fit perfectly on each of the five shelves. Plastic bins can look pretty drab in the freezer too so I decorated each one with pretty blue washi tape.

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