Old Fashioned Raisin Pie!

Whenever our family visits my in-laws, I always prepare my tummy. My mother-in-law never lets us go home without gaining at least a pound. She spoils us with her food! My husband feels amused every time I try to go on a diet a week before the visit. He tells me I look okay and I am not gaining any pound at all. I always tell him, “After our visit, I will gain pounds! Let me lose them in advance”! 

He just laughs. I know it’s ridiculous and it’s a long, lost cause, but can you blame me? My mother-in-law is a good cook. Anyone who says no to her food is not in her right mind.

One of her best sellers is her apple pie. It’s not an ordinary apple pie. She places lots of nuts on them depending on her mood.

Sometimes, she uses hazelnuts. Sometimes, she uses pecans. But most of the time, she uses walnuts, which reminds me of this apple walnut pie recipe from Bewitching Kitchen. 

This pie is full of fruity and tangy goodness. Those flavors interlacing with the sugar and the crunch of the walnuts result to one amazing decadent pie. I couldn’t have enough every time it’s being served in front of me.

So yes. I think I gained a centimeter on my waistline after that visit. My tightening pants are the proof.

But it was soooo worth it!

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