Pecan Cheesecake Squares

This recipe will satisfy your craving for something sweet! Pecan pie, cheesecake and shortbread make this the perfect dessert!

Do you ever stumble upon a dessert recipe so incredibly delicious, you find yourself wanting to bake another batch the moment the last morsel of the batch before has disappeared? Today’s recipe, my friends, is one of those. Imagine a dessert that combines the sweet crunch of a shortbread cookie with the tangy goodness of cheesecake, all topped off with a decadent pecan pie layer. Captivated yet? If so, read on for the full recipe for Pecan Cheesecake Squares.

I love this time of year. I just wish it would slow down a little bit! If it were my decision, I would put my Christmas decorations out on November 1st, because I want to enjoy the season as long as possible! And let’s face it, once Christmas is over, it just becomes a chore to put everything away.


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