Chunky Monkey Brownies

Chunky Monkey Brownies are so sensational you will drool while you’re eating them. No kidding. I know you are probably tired of me raving about the richness and decadence of a specific dessert. I just can’t help it. Instead of using regular chocolate chips I used Hershey’s new baking melts in the brownie and then used chocolate chips on top. Oh, my. Chocolate just explodes in your mouth with every bite. The Baking Melts are much larger than chocolate chips so it’s like having miniature chocolate candies inside. Loved ’em! 🙂
Oh boy!! I posted this pic (see below) yesterday as a sneak peek and Facebook LOVED it!! Everyone wanted the recipe immediately, but since I hadn’t received the two thumbs up from my family….I couldn’t share it!! I only post recipes on here that my family approves of. That way, I know it is family friendly, kid approved, and the recipes are bound to be a hit!

Chocolate and bananas go together like peanut butter & jelly and milk & cookies! These “brownies” smell absolutely amazing while they are baking. Like banana bread….but wayyyyy better. I can’t wait to bake these again. They are really simple to throw together and a great way to use up those old bananas that are browning on your counter. Hahaha yup, we all have a few of those bananas. They are sitting there pleading with you to bake them up rather than toss them! Well, maybe not but take my word for it…these are worth making! Don’t skimp on the chocolate here. I used Ghirardelli because they melt wonderfully and that is exactly what you want when you are making Chunky Monkey Brownies. Oh and feel free to add nuts, too. The monkeys in my house don’t like nuts…..aren’t they nuts?!

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