Cracker Barrel chicken n’ dumplins

Man, oh man! If there is every a simple recipe to try it would be this Cracker Barrel Chicken and Dumplings Copycat Recipe. I was able to make this meal from frozen chicken to done in a little less than 30 minutes! I made this recipe with a bag of frozen chicken breast tenders. I totally forgot to defrost something for dinner. My mind was elsewhere obviously. It wasn’t until about 2 hours before dinner time that I remembered what I forgot.

I ended up boiling the bag of chicken tenders to start my broth mixture and cook the chicken. Chicken always comes out so tender when you boil it. The weather is starting to cool down (Thank GOD!) here in Texas so I am happy to start making dumplings again!

We have made many different versions of dumplings but this recipe might just be my fav! I might just be saying that because it’s so darn easy. I live for easy now-a-days. Who doesn’t, right?

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