German Chocolate Cake


Brownie Bomb Bars are perfect for football season, my favorite time of year. Football season here in Wisconsin is a sure sign that fall has officially arrived. Football season also signals that comfort food is back on the menu and “grilling time” is reserved for brats on Sunday before the big game. The hot, humid days of summer are replaced with cool, crisp days. Lazy days of summer are gone and school is back in session. I can hear all you Mom’s cheering, Yippee!!

My variation of German chocolate cake is a bit different from the traditional. It’s still unapologetically decadent and indulgent, but it starts with my favorite super-moist darker chocolate cake. We’ll use a coconut pecan filling enhanced with toasted pecans and top her off with chocolate buttercream, coconut, and more toasted pecans.

German chocolate cake has been a highly requested cake recipe, so I’m thrilled to finally share this version. I decorated it naked cake style. I love seeing that coconut pecan filling peeking out!

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