Lemon meringue pie is such a classic dessert and every classic dessert must be created into a cupcake version right? You get a soft cupcake base, a bright creamy lemon curd, and it’s finish with a light as air meringue topping.

These Lemon Meringue Cupcakes are made with a lightly lemon flavored cupcake, lemon curd filling and lightly toasted meringue frosting! It’s like Lemon Meringue Pie in cupcake form – so fun! This weekend I was craving some lemon meringue pie, but didn’t want to commit to a whole pie. Instead I remembered a similar recipe I had done years ago that put lemon curd in the middle of a cupcake. I decided to revamp the recipe, and voilà! Lemon Meringue Cupcakes 2.0 were born. Sweet and sunny, with all the things we love about lemon meringue pie — but in cupcake form. A microwave version of traditional lemon curd saves you time, but doesn’t skimp on flavor. Let’s hear it for Lemon Power!
This may seem like a long recipe, and yes it basically is, BUT sometimes recipes that are a little time consuming are more than worth it. Once you taste these you’ll know what I mean. For a long time now we’ve been playing around with different cupcakes, most are nasty. And I mean that with all the love of my heart. Our girls LOVE Cupcake Wars and to say that they love playing it even more is an understatement. It is a crazy amount of work, but it’s what our oldest wanted to do for her 10th birthday. 10. You guys, we have a child in the double digits!

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