Coconut Cream Balls


There is nothing more festive than these no-bake coconut cream scoops. Soft and tender cakes covered with white chocolate and garnished with pretty sprinkles. Everything goes together beautifully and these cake balls are fantastic for all your holiday events and parties.

Bring a bundle or two to a potluck or a barbecue, and everyone will go wild for them.

If you’re looking for a patriotic and fun recipe to make for July 4th, listen carefully! These festive no-bake coconut cream scoops are sure to be a hit! If you’ve never tried a cake ball before, you’re really missing out. Everything you love about the cake is in this bite, plus it’s covered in white chocolate-double yum!

Baking cake balls couldn’t be easier either. I got a little carried away, making them the other day and accidentally dropped some sprinkles in my white chocolate. About halfway through the balls of the dip, the once shiny white chocolate started to take on a bluish tint from the glitter.

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