Copycat Pasta e Fagioli

How can you even pick a favorite Olive Garden soup? It’s a nearly impossible task. While heading back to the restaurant to try them all time and time again could really drain the old wallet, the good news is you can easily make all of your favorites at home and get the same amazing flavor. It’s more economical and you get tons of leftovers to enjoy. Win win! One of my favorites is their Pasta e Fagioli. It’s hearty but not overbearing and the balance of herbs, tender beans, chewy ditalini pasta, and savory beef swimming in a tomato-kissed broth is just about perfect.

I personally love a meal that takes less than thirty minutes to make and this soup should come in well under that, closer to twenty minutes if you’re a particularly fast chopper. And there’s not a lot to chop. While the soup has a very nice layered flavor, the ingredient list isn’t unwieldy by any means.

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