There’s something irresistibly fun about recreating a childhood treat. This cake tastes even better than the Ho Ho Cakes that I remember and I’m willing to bet that you’ll love it from the first bite.

Because this cake is so thick and rich, it feeds a crowd. You’ll easily get 18 servings from this cake unless you have to have teenagers are nearby.

And if your teens and pre-teens happen to have a sweet tooth? All bets are off for how quickly this cake will disappear.

Next time you’re feeling nostalgic for Ho Hos, consider making this homemade Swiss roll. It looks and tastes just like the small, cream-filled chocolate snack cakes from Hostess.

To make this Ho Ho cake, a chocolate sponge is rolled around a light and fluffy whipped cream filling and topped with a rich chocolate ganache. This super-sized take on the snack cake can be cut into slices and shared with friends.

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